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Ceremonial Rifle Program

The ceremonial rifle program is conducted by the US Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Commands Static Display and Ceremonial Rifle Team located in Warren, Michigan. The Secretary of the Army may conditionally lend or donate not more than 15 excess M1 Garand rifles to eligible organizations. The Marine Corps League qualifies as a Veterans Association. Any Detachment in good standing can request ceremonial rifles and blank ammunition through the Marine Corps Leagues National Headquarters, for use with color guards, parades, burial details, etc. A letter, requesting approval from National Headquarters, signed by the Detachment Commandant must be sent to this Headquarters, Attn: Executive Director. All application forms are in Adobe PDF format, while they cannot be edited via computer, you are encouraged to print these forms for your use (they are to be filled in by hand). You must submit all forms in hard copy format by US mail. All documents must have an original signature and appropriate notary public endorsement. To begin the application process, complete the questionnaire and submit the documentation outlined on the checklist.

  • Qualification Checklist
  • Certificate of Arms Storage
  • Certificate of Compliance with 10 USC 4683
  • Ceremonial Rifle Inventory (if applicable)
  • Triennial Inventory Certificate

All required forms should be filled out and sent directly to U.S. ARMY TACOM at:
U.S. Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command
6501 East 11 Mile Road
Warren, MI 48397-5000

Your letter to the Executive Director must state that all of the required forms have been sent to U. S. ARMY TACOM. Ceremonial rifles available are M1 Garands (equipped with blank firing adapters) which are issued on a conditional basis. These rifles remain the property of the United States government. The rifles cannot be loaned, sold, transferred or given to anyone else. Once the weapons are issued the following documentation is required and must be maintained:
Conditional Deed of Gift. The Army will forward two sets of a Conditional Deed of Gift. This Deed outlines your responsibilities for the retention, the maintenance, and the conditions to retain the weapons. Sign both documents, have them notarized, and return one original to them within 30 days. The other is for your file. This document is proof that your organization is an authorized custodian of these United States Army owned ceremonial rifles. Please protect it as such.
Ceremonial Rifle Inventory List. You are required to complete this form by recording the model, manufacturer, and serial number of each weapon received within 30 days of receipt of the weapons. Retain a copy for your file. This allows you and the Army to accurately record and catalog the weapons in your possession. In the unlikely event of a theft or loss of your weapons, it also aids you in accurately reporting the missing weapons to the police for investigation. You are required to report the loss of any weapon to the appropriate local authorities and to TACOM within 24 hours of discovery.
Triennial Certification of Ceremonial Rifles. Complete every three years from the agreement date on the Conditional Deed of Gift for your weapons. For example, with a date of Agreement of July 2008 for this organization, this document is due on July 2011, July 2014, July 2017, etc. This certificate confirms that you have the weapons, you wish to retain them, and you are properly caring for them. If at any time you wish to return your rifles, you can use this form for that purpose.

Once your request for a letter of endorsement has been received here, we will endorse it and forward it to TACOM indicating you are a Detachment in good standing and what your strength was at the end of the most recent quarter. Once TACOM receives your request and our endorsement, they will correspond directly with you. Allow 4-6 weeks before your request starts the cycle at TACOM and 6-9 months before you receive the rifles.
Send requests for ammunition and clips to:

US Army Joint Munitions Command
ATTN: AMSJM-CDS (Dawn Folland)
One Rock Island Arsenal
Rock Island, IL 61299-6000

Slings are not provided through the Donations Program Group. The slings are available through commercial sources. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT AT NO TIME IS LIVE AMMUNITION TO BE FIRED BY WEAPONS RECEIVED THROUGH THIS PROGRAM.

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