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Marine Corps League Detachment 578

 Marine Corps Emblem Contact Information:

Mailing Address:
17225 Garvin Ct.
Brookings,  OR 97415

Phone: (541) 412-8714

Meeting Date and Time:
3rd Saturday, 12:00 noon
Meeting Address:
Sebastians Restaurant
At the Port
Brookings, OR 97415
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Charter Date: 11/30/1984
 Marine Corps Emblem Additional Information:


Our detachment is located at the southern end of the Oregon Coast. Most of our members live in Brookings/Harbor. However, we have members coming from other parts of Oregon and as far south as Crescent City, California. Our membership mainly consists of World War II Vets, Korean War Vets and Viet Nam War Vets. We have men and women Regular (Marine) Members as well as Associate Members consisting of other branches of the service and civilians. We are always looking for new members for the comradery and to help us with our goals and community activities. Some of our community service activities are providing "Honor Guard Services" for deceased Veterans, "Stuff-the-Bus" where we collect donated school items to help students with school supplies, Honor Guard Ceremony for the reading of the names of American Servicemen who lost their lives during the "Viet Nam War", Memorial Day "Honor Guard Ceremony", security for the "4th of July Kids Parade", the "Elk's Christmas Food Basket Program" as well as the U.S.M.C.R "Toys-for-Tots". We have detachment activities such as the "Azalea Festival Parade" where we enter our detachment's float with as many members as will fit, an annual "Turkey Shoot" where our members and members from other detachments can compete with their rifles, an annual picnic where we serve barbequed steak and chicken provided by the detachment, the "Marine Corps Birthday Ball" where all military and non-military are invited and our annual "Christmas Party" where our members and their families share Turkey and Ham and have some fun trading gifts. Our conventions and award programs consist of the "Marine EXPO/Quin Conference" where we get an opportunity to see the latest in military weapons, elect new Division National Officers and attend a U.S.M.C. Recruit Graduation at MCRD, San Diego. The "State Mid-winter Conference" where we discuss the issues we will be voting on at the "National Convention" and meet with and have fun with members from other detachments, our annual detachment initiation of New Officers banquet where we also present "Detachment Awards" and socialize with members, family and guests. The "State Convention" where we elect new State Officers and present "State Awards" as well as socializing with members from other detachments. Then, the "National Convention" where we elect National Officers, vote on outstanding issues, have a big formal banquet with special guests and have a great time socially with members from all over the United States.

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Annual Dues:  35.00
Recent Function: 

Upcoming Event: Detachment Float Azalea Day Parade 
Event Date : Saturday, May 23, 2015
Event Time :  8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Event Duration :  4 Hours
Event Location :  Brookings, Oregon
Event Contact :  Jim Metcalfe (541) 412-8714

 Marine Corps Emblem Officers: 

Jim Metcalfe
17225 Garvin Ct.
Brookings,  OR  97415
Home Phone: (541) 412-8714

Sr. Vice Commandant:
Linda Schamel
PO Box 5180
Brookings,  OR  97415
Home Phone: (541) 412-9933

Jr. Vice Commandant:
Don Raymer
PO Box 402
Gold Berach,  OR  97444
Home Phone: (541) 698-7492

Donna Van Nest
PO Box 76
Brookings,  OR  97415
Home Phone: (541) 469-5875

Curt Lunsford
PO Box 314
Brookings,  OR  97415
Home Phone: (541) 469-2588

Judge Advocate:
Mike Cooper
PO Box 4152
Brookings,  OR  97415
Home Phone: (541) 469-0295

Dick Weber
16063 Driftwood Ln #12
Brookings,  OR  97415
Work Phone: (541) 660-2524
Home Phone: (541) 412-7718

Al Grannados
PO Box 226
Brookings,  OR  97415
Home Phone: (541) 412-0271

Past Commandant:
Linda Schamel
PO Box 1580
Brookings,  OR  97415
Home Phone: (541) 412-9933

Web Sergeant:
Mike Noonan
98126 W Benham Ln. #51
Brookings,  OR  97415
Home Phone: (541) 412-9590

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