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Marine Corps League Detachment 100

 Marine Corps Emblem Contact Information:

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 132
Boone,  IA 50036


Meeting Date and Time:
Third Tuesday of each month at 7:30PM
Meeting Address:
American Legion Cabin
1928 Boone Street
Boone, IA 50036
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Charter Date: 02/23/1972
 Marine Corps Emblem Additional Information:


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Annual Dues:  30.00
Recent Function: 

 Marine Corps Emblem Officers: 

Ken Heimes
PO Box 132
Boone,  IA  50036
Home Phone: (515) 250-6190

Sr. Vice Commandant:
Joe Rivera
1135 Aldrich Ave
Boone,  IA  50036
Home Phone: 515-298-0176

Jr. Vice Commandant:
Larry Larson
2618 White Oak Dr.
Ames,  IA   50014
Home Phone: 515-292-5558

Pete Frangos
823 Doran Dr. Apt 2
Boone,  IA  50036
Home Phone: 515-451-7515

Pete Frangos
823 Doran Dr. Apt 2
BOONE,  IA  50036
Work Phone: 515-432-7615
Home Phone: 515-451-7515

Judge Advocate:
Bob Whitman
218 18th St
Boone,  IA  50036
Work Phone: 515-451-1153
Home Phone: 515-432-8545

Joe Calderon
1729 Clinton Street
Boone,  IA  50036
Work Phone: 515-230-2135
Home Phone: 515-432-2466

Larry Larson
2618 White Oak Dr
Ames,  IA  50014
Home Phone: 515-292-5558

Past Commandant:
Erling Larson
1424 Clinton Street
Boone,  IA  50036
Work Phone: 515-689-6641
Home Phone: 515-432-4334

Web Sergeant:
Matt Halsrud
PO Box 132
Boone,  IA  50036
Work Phone: 515-298-3277
Home Phone: 515-432-1427
Fax: 515-244-8396

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