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Marine Corps League Detachment 1141

 Marine Corps Emblem Contact Information:

Mailing Address:
% 124 Sheath Drive
Columbia,  SC 29212-2211

Phone: 803-781-4337 or 803-477-8608 cell

Meeting Date and Time:
2nd Thursday of each month (except as may be noted below as Upcoming Event), 1800 Chow Call, 1900 Meeting, No Alcohol, 2000 hrs Adjourn!
Meeting Address:
DAV State Hdq Bldg
511 Violet Street
West Columbia, SC 29169
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Charter Date: 21 July 2003
 Marine Corps Emblem Additional Information:


ABOUT US: Detachment 1141 was chartered 21July2003. Charter Members are: Nadia A. Coccaro (Cmdt), Franklin E. Wilbur, Michael Coccaro, Thomas C Rollins, Ronald L Rucker, Ronald F Millis, Sr., Robert L Sargent, Alan L James, Bart Case, James T Seay, Jr, Ronald D Dake, Roscoe H Schell, James Vinyard, Denver M Hoffman, Sr, Jim Campbell, R W Hughes, Randy Pollard, George H Long, Jr, James A Goudelock, Harry R Spires; Officials were: Meg Thoburn, Natl Adjutant & Paymaster; John P Tuohy, Past Natl Cmdt; Ralph E Knox, and Ed Hammond, Dept Cmdt. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MORE ABOUT US: Our detachment namesake, since deceased 29March1998 (age 76), is Korean War Medal of Honor recipient Harold E "Speedy" Wilson. We also boast the membership of Vietnam Medal of Honor recipient General James E Livingston, and Afganastan Medal of Honor recipient Corporal William Kyle Carpenter. Our membership is composed of Marines and Corpsman from WWII to date, as well as Associate and Honorary members. Speedy Wilson detachment is active in community and military affairs and works closely with the Greater Columbia Marines Foundation, Blue Star Mothers, Wounded Warriors, Toys for Tots, and our Marine Corps Reserve Unit, F Co., 4th LAR Bn., McCrady Training Center, Fort Jackson, SC. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HOW CAN I BECOME A MEMBER? Contact any officer in the right hand column, or any member, or request a membership application from the Web Sergeant, which can be E-mailed to you, fill it out and submit to the above 'snail-mailing address' or to the Senior Vice Commandant by clicking on his name in the right-hand column, or simply bring it to us, and be our guest, at our next 'Meeting Date and Time' as indicated above and below. Welcome aboard! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CHAPLAIN’S MUSINGS, 17 March 2015: I am amused by a new commercial on TV aimed at canine pet lovers. The ad is for a “Wobble Wag Giggle Ball.” This ball has two holes in it that make the ball uneven in weight and the ball rolls in odd and unpredictable ways. The holes also serve as a way for the dog to pick up the ball with its mouth. The ad shows several dogs of different breeds and sizes chasing the ball around the room. According to the ad it is a must for working people, for if you purchase this ball, “Your dog will never be alone!” I can just imagine a dog saying to its self, “Am I ever glad I have this new ball to keep me company during these long days!” (PS: If you order now at the low price of 19.95 we will send you and extra “Wobble Wag Giggle Ball” absolutely free plus shipping and handling.) I have met a lot of people who treat their Christianity like a “Wobble Wag Giggle Ball.” This faith thing is there if they need it, like when facing a crisis such as job loss, family dysfunction, illness, accident, death or simple boredom. When adversity strikes they call on the faith community although they have made no contribution to the life and work of the Church. It’s a “membership privilege” mentality that requires little or nothing of them. They do not use their talents, energies or resources in service to the faith they claim. Faith for them is a “Wobble Wag Giggle Ball” that gives them a momentary comfort until the pain passes. Contrast the “I have it if I need it” person with those for whom Christianity is a way of life. The faithful get up in the morning aware they are in GOD’S presence. They pray for GOD’S guidance in their daily activities and responsibilities. They seek ways to use their time, talents and resources in GOD’S kingdom. Would you rather be a “Wobble Wag Giggle Ball” Christian or one who lives faithfully for GOD each day? Semper Fidelis, Semper Love, Chaplain Jimmy. I would be pleased if you were to visit me at's%20Musings.html or click on my name in the right-hand column if you wish to reply => ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MESS SERGEANT: Connie Jo Molen has accepted the position as detachment Mess Sergeant. Connie Jo says she really does enjoy doing it. But then of course it is we who must give a big shout-out "thank you" to you Connie Jo! Also, congratulations to her on being selected Department of South Carolina "Associate Member of the Year". Ooh-Rah! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ JROTC: Detachment Representatives are Marines Jimmy Goudelock and Thomas Tefft who will at the appropriate times present the Marine Corps League 'Harold E Speedy Wilson Outstanding Leadership Award' certificate and medal to Cadet recipients at 9 local High Schools; Airport. Batesburg-Leesville, Brookland-Cayce, Dutch Fork, Lexington & River Bluff, Pelion, Swansea, and White Knoll. A big shout-out to Paul Younghaus for his many years of JROTC volunteer service, and of course God bless Palmetto Marine detachment's Roland Brower for his years of dedicated service as department coordinator. "Rest easy Marine Brower, sleep well my brother. Know the line has held, your job is done. Rest easy, sleep well." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EAGLE SCOUT AWARDS: As of 19April2012, Judge Advocate David Rummel has accepted the position of Eagle Scout Good Citizenship Awards Program Representative. Thank you David. Ooh-Rah! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DETACHMENT HISTORIAN: As of 11Feb2012, Jesse "Doc" James has accepted this position. Please provide Jesse with all the information and help you can give. Ask to see the photo album he has assembled. Thanks Jesse. Ooh-Rah! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AWARDS CHAIRMAN: As of 13Jan2013, Sr Vice Commandant Charlie Sullivan has accepted the appointed position as Detachment Awards Committee Chairman. Thanks Charlie. Ooh-Rah! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BATTAN DEATH MARCH: Again was held on 04-05April2014, 1530hrs., IRMO High School AF JROTC Memorial "Battan Death March" in memory of Donovan "Don" Pike (USMC). These yearly marches are designed to benefit Honor Flights of South Carolina. Benefit items may be purchased at a concession stand out front of the main IRMO High School entrance, plenty of parking space. Don's wife Polly is a frequent visitor during this event. Proceeds from the sale of luminaries, shirts and snacks goes toward funding Honor Flights SC. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "ROMEO" (Really Old Marines Eating Out)! Chow call 0700 every Wednesday at "Just Us Cafe", 1208 Knox Abbott Drive in Cayce. Palmetto Marine's detachment, Speedy Wilson detachment, and others, all are welcome! Just Us Cafe would like us to know that we are welcome at all other times, except Monday they are closed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FIRST RESPONDERS 9-11 MEMORIAL, Columbia Convention Center: Under the 'Silver Donor' catagory, 3rd line item, inscription reads, "Harold E. "Speedy" Wilson Detachment 1141, Marine Corps League", and is prominently displayed on a plaque, center stage facing the monument. Ooh-Rah! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OPERATION STOLEN HONOR: 11October2012 Awards were presented to AFJROTC Swamp Fox Company DSDD2, Ashley Ridge High School, Summerville, SC and WIS-TV for the finding, recovery and return of Harold E "Speedy" Wilson's detachment colors and irreplaceable awards streamers. In attendance were, Ron Dake, Charles Hardy, Joe Hoffman, Jesse "Doc" James, Bill Meyers, Paul Quattlebaum, John & Aggie Sigh, and Charles Sullivan. Ooh-Rah! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TOYS for TOTS 2014: Detachment Rep is Larry Shunkwiler - "Speedy's Elves" with locations West of the Broad River are, Fred & Jill Barton, Nadia & son Coccaro, Fred Fielding, Jimmy & Dee Goudelock, Cassandra "Casey" Hoffman, Mark Jordan, Bob & Carolyn Lewis, Bill Meyers, David & Mary Gay Rummel, Larry Shunkwiler, Bill Shunkwiler, Susan Shunkwiler, Tom Tefft, Carl "Doc" & Tarry Wilson, Fielding Freed, Mark Jordan, Ginger Norris, Charlie Sullivan, and RCSD Senior Deputy Fred Williams. Our mission is to assist USMC I&I Staff Marines essentially with delivery and picking-up of drop boxes. Harold E "Speedy" Wilson and Palmetto Marines detachments divide locations West and East of the Broad River respectively, we also attended and assisted in accepting and loading of toys at many events. Tuesday, 01 October 2014 launched this year's mission. Semper fi., Semper fun, ho! ho! ho! Visit Toys for Tots website at: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MARINES HELPING MARINES: We Marines all know what it means to hear the words "Corpsman Up!" cried out! FMF Corpsman never hold back, they rush to give aide! But when we hear the words "Corpsman Down!", that is when we ALL RUSH to give aide and comfort. Such was the case with Doc Wilson who had suffered a horrific mishap with a bush-hog resulting in the loss of both his feet. A Blood Drive was conducted in honor of Carl Doc Wilson 04-09June2012 at the Red Cross which was a HUGE success! Doc is now back in the fight helping others! Ooh-Rah Doc, Ooh-Rah! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HONOR FLIGHT (Preflight Meeting): 15Apr2015 0900 hrs - For 13May2015 Honor Flight is to be held at the Columbia Convention Center, 1101 Lincoln St., Columbia, 29202. WWII and Korean War Veterans check-in begins at 0815 hrs. Please let Bill Meyers know, Phone: 238-1946 or Email:, that you will help greet our Vets at check-in. Uniform of the Day is Red Blazer if ya got it and cover. See you on deck. Parking is FREE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HONOR FLIGHT: 13May2015 - WWII and Korean War Veterans check-in begins at 0500 (5:00am). Our heroes return at ~1900 (7:00pm) to a huge reception in the Main Terminal. Please note that detachment members Bill Meyers and Kevin Shwedo are members of the Board of Directors of Honor Flights of South Carolina. Please let Bill Meyers know, Phone: 238-1946 or Email:, that you will help by greeting our Veterans at check-in, departure and/or return. Uniform of the Day is Red Blazer if ya got it and cover. See you on deck. Parking is FREE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FLAG DISPOSAL: If you have a soiled US flag that needs to be properly disposed of. Bring it to a detachment meeting and turn it in to the Sgt at Arms who will see that it makes it's way to the drop-box in front of VFW Post 8738, 424 Cedarcrest Drive, Lexington, SC. Or you may take it there yourself via I-20 West to right turn onto Hwy-1, to left at light onto Cedarcrest Drive, which crosses back over I-20, to VFW parking lot on right. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SEMPER FI MAGAZINES: Remember to place your old Semper Fi magazines where they can be picked up and enjoyed by others, waiting rooms, etc. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CAROLINA CANINES FOR VETERANS: MISSION READY MUTTS, INC: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HISTORY AND LORE OF THE OLD CORPS: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CHAPEL OF FOUR CHAPLAINS AWARD: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NEW! -> MARINES HELPING MARINES: Doc Carl Wilson says he is now ready to "give-back" to any Marine in need by calling upon him, "Corpsman Up!" and/or at the bequest of our good Chaplain Jimmy Goudelock. Doc Wilson can be reached 24/7 at: 803-466-7429, Chaplain Goudelock at: 803-741-4145. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ YOUR INPUT PLEASE: If you have a comment, question, suggestion, gripes, scuttlebutt, or even constructive criticism, please feel free to click on any of the officer's names in the right-hand column and e-mail them your confidential input. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Important Links:

Annual Dues:  New Members 38.00 - Renewals 33.00 - Life Membership is age defined.
Recent Function: 

Kyle Carpenter, Medal of Honor recipient

James Livingston, Medal of Honor recipient

Doc Carl Wilson, Detachment Marine of the Year

Upcoming Event: May Meeting 
Event Date : Thursday, 14 May 2015
Event Time :  1800 Social; 1900 meeting
Event Duration :  ~ 2.0 hrs
Event Location :  DAV Hdq Bldg, 511 Violet St., West Columbia, SC 29169
Event Contact :  Larry Shunkwiler , Phone: 781-7273

 Marine Corps Emblem Officers: 

Gunner Chuck Paxton
(President GCMF)
845 Woodside Drive
Winnsboro,  SC  29180-7508
Work Phone: 803-309-9559 cell
Home Phone:  803-422-3025

Sr. Vice Commandant:
Charlie Sullivan
(Awards Committee Chairman)
405 Hickory Meadows Court
Lexington,  SC  29072-7400
Work Phone: 803-807-6446 cell
Home Phone: 803-957-7657

Jr. Vice Commandant:
Beulah Scott
(Membership, Recruiting, Retention)
208 Walnut Creek Circle
Lexington,  SC  29073-8173
Home Phone: 803-957-4498

Glen Molen
(Mud Run Team Captain)
224 Farmhouse Loop
Lexington,  SC  29072-2783
Work Phone: 803-261-0573 cell
Home Phone: 803-261-0573 cell
Fax: 803-957-6184

Charles Hardy
(Det., Dept., GCMF, MODD, 2009 MOY)
124 Sheath Drive
Columbia,  SC  29212-2211
Work Phone: 803-477-8608 cell
Home Phone: 803-781-4337

Judge Advocate:
David Rummel
(BSA Eagle Rep.)
45 Woodpine Court
Columbia,  SC  29212-2921
Work Phone: 803-360-7754 cell
Home Phone: 803-781-7145

Jimmy Goudelock
(BSA CoRep & JROTC Rep., 2013 MOY)
2224 Windsor Drive
Cayce,  SC  29033-1455
Work Phone: 803-741-4145 cell
Home Phone: 803-796-8139

Tom Tefft
(JROTC CoRep.)
308 Richmond Farm Circle
Lexington,  SC  29072
Work Phone: 476-5542
Home Phone: 785-2376

Past Commandant:
Glen Molen
(Adjutant and Mud Run Team Captain)
224 Farmhouse Loop
Lexington,  SC  29072-2783
Work Phone: 803-261-0573 cell
Home Phone: 803-261-0573 cell

Web Sergeant:
Larry Shunkwiler
(Admin Chief, Toys for Tots Rep., 2010 MOY)
207 Hunters Blind Drive
Columbia,  SC  29212-2205
Work Phone: 803-528-1757 cell
Home Phone: 803-781-7273
Fax: 267-363-7640

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